Web Application Development

We create many software application on web technology based on tailor made. Some of our clients need their application can access in multi platform. Our idea is make this in web application because so easy for deploy and maintenance in the future.
For Web Development, Mefanet software engineers using technologies such as Asp.NET, AJAX, and JQuery to help innovative enterprises to develop and deploy customer-centric information systems in the field where they can deliver real benefits.

Desktop Application Development

Although web application is most popular today, Desktop Application is still cannot replaced by Web Application in some stage. For instance, weighscales application, POS application etc are one of some application that cannot be replaced by web application. We delivered Desktop application to our customers that we had build with Object Oriented Methodology using .Net Technology.

Mobile Application Development

Today we cannot avoid of using smartphone in our life. We very depend on that. Therefore Mefanet realized to make application that can running on mobile devices.
We starting to build some application under Android and iOS platform today.

Application Migration Services

In general, our customers were established for past years ago. It means their technology is probably still use ancient platform. The most their issues is their application cannot follow current condition of their company. For this, we attend to assist them for create a new application and create migration procedure for them to new software application platform without anything lost in their data.
In some stage, this migration will be have some difficulties. But with our experiences and support by our technology and expertise we believe can deliver this service with best values for our clients.

IT Consultant Services

Basically, most our application is made by Tailor made. Its mean, we always starting with the mindset How to make client has benefit with our application.
With SDLC approachment, we will investigate and explore our current company condition, collect their problems or issues, collect their chance, make model raw for their organization, given solutions, design Management Information System and will be ending with delivered software application.
Not only software, we always give solution in other IT subjects related like IT Infrastucture, hardware and peripherals. In fields, we often sharing and learning about our idea with IT person from our clients and we very open minded to give a dicussion forum with them, because without them we cannot deliver the best solution that suitable with their needs.

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