mAccounting System

mAccounting is complete accounting solution for cover day by day operation of trade or service companies to manage their operation start from buying item from supplier, assembly them become a product / costing system, and selling to agent / customer and on the end will raise financial report /statement. mAccounting is web based application to make easy multi users and multi platform (windows, mac or linux) to access application.


Easy to use
mAccouting has simply interface, user guides allow you to quickly master the use of the system in order to increase efficiency and productivity as soon as possible. Reduce your costs mAccounting helps everyday processes work faster and more efficiently and thus you can realize significant financial savings.

If you have specific needs, mAccouting can be fully customized according to your demands Flexible Installation Location mAccounting is a web application so make flexible to install based on your need. You can install this application on VPS Server so application can access from everywhere or just simple install on your company’s server at office.

Multi Currencies
This application support multi currencies transaction and has option to use foreign exchange from internet (live) or database (offline)

Possibility Integration with 3rd party
mAccounting has designed to make easy for integration with other 3rd party application in the future if needed.

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